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Kitchen Features

Pantry Systems

Portland Oak pantry system

One of the most popular items found in kitchens currently are pantry units. Create a personalised storage system in your kitchen that is functional in terms of storage but more importantly, beautiful.

Mix internal vegetable drawers with wine racks and glass holders to create a bespoke Chef’s pantry. The Portland Oak cabinet finish is  a high quality option for your internal storage.

Add glass mirrored splash backs and internal LED lighting with door sensors to create a wow when opening the doors.

Tuscan Walnut pantry system

Tuscan Walnut’s beautifully rich tones allow you to design your dream Hathaway pantry with our wide range of internal fittings. Add a box wine rack, standard or vegetable drawers and shelving to create a pantry that is personal to your kitchen.

Add internal sockets to keep food mixers and blenders plugged in and ready to use inside the cabinet itself.

It’s also a handy place to store the things you never know where to put such as tea towels, cling film and utensils that aren’t used quite so often.

Cocktail cabinet

The Connery is a luxurious cocktail cabinet is a glamorous addition to your kitchen design. A mirrored back panel, led lighting, glass shelving and beautiful Anthracite Linen drawers create a spectacular feature.

These cabinets can form part of the main kitchen design or as a stand alone unit. The massive storage allows you to free up space in other rooms and keeps all your bar equipment in one place. Gin and tonic anyone?

Drawer Box Options

Blum soft close Legrabox is the best in quality and drawer design and is the standard at Chilli Kitchens. The 3 drawer options are finished in either brushed stainless steel sides with Anthracite Linen textured finish, Portland Oak or Tuscan Walnut giving them a wonderful high quality and aesthetic value.

Drawers runners on cabinets up to 600mm wide hold a weight capacity of 40kg whilst pan drawers 800mm wide and above hold 70kg. Available in 4 depths from 270mm to 650mm.

Storage Options

Tall storage

Larders and brooms mean less clutter

Available in 3 heights, as standard, with over 100 different configurations available, plus a bespoke specials service. Standard shelved larder and broom cabinets are offered in 4 different widths – 300; 400; 500 & 600mm. Reduced depth larders offered in all sizes as standard.

Television units

Modern living media centres are a must

As with Chef’s pantries one of the most popular addition to any kitchen is a media units to house smart televisions, visual and audio equipment.

With more internal wall being removed to open up rooms into large living spaces these media units integrate themselves into the overall kitchen designs perfectly.

Tall corner larder

It’s all about the storage

The incredible Tall Corner Larder is a flexible storage solution designed to maximise space for the corner of a room. Available in two heights, 1970mm & 2150mm. This will really wow your friends and practically offers an incredible amount of storage.